Wanting to sell your home or just increase its value? Curb appeal is fantastic way to increase your home’s value. It will attract buyers if you are wanting to sell. If you aren’t planning to sell your home anytime soon, it is still a wise investment that will turn some heads on your block.

Your home’s exterior is arguably more important than your home’s interior because it has to endure the elements and keep your home safe.


You can never go wrong with new siding, it has a fabulous return on investment. New siding is also an opportunity to change the color of your home. You can choose from several different types of siding too. Composite, fiber cement, vinyl, and steel are some of the most common types of siding.


Make your home pop with some new windows. Old windows can destroy your energy bills and make your home look outdated. New energy efficient windows help your home maintain temperature. They also block harmful UV rays from damaging your interior. You can usually get rebates on energy efficient windows too.



A bad roof can threaten your home’s integrity. The dirty, curling shingles make your home look pretty ugly too. A new roof is a great selling point. If you aren’t planning on selling your home, a new roof gives you some peace of mind that your home is better protected.

Front Door

Your front door can really pack a punch when it comes to improving curb appeal. Your front door is also an important insulator and security measure for your home.


Is your front yard just your lawn? Boringgg. That won’t sell your house or improve your home’s value. Landscaping exists for a reason. Try to research some native plants in your area and add them to your home. The mulch and new plants will break up your lawn a bit and add some more character to your home’s exterior.


Can people tell how to enter your home? Does it have a charming or “wow” factor? Sometimes simply changing the entrance of the home can boost a home’s curb appeal.


Having too many trees in your yard can hide your home. That won’t help your curb appeal and it can actually harm your home. Think about trimming or getting rid of trees that cover your home’s exterior.

The Final Result

Here is an article from HGTV that shows 15 curb appeal makeovers to help you visualize everything coming together. Of course a full home exterior remodel would be expensive, but you can do things piece by piece over time to create these looks.

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