Hail Damage Repair

Minnesota Hailstorms

Summertime in Minnesota brings heavy storms often accompanied by hail and heavy winds. Hail may crack siding, break windows, and dislodge or loosen shingles, leading to leaks and water damage. It’s important to get your home checked for hail damage after a storm to be sure you’re protected.

A roofer performing a shingle inspection on a roof.

Hail Damage Inspections

Our team will inspect your home and assess any damage that has occurred. We’ll take photos or video of your roof so you can see the damage for yourself. This can also be used to file an insurance claim. Then we’ll recommend next steps to repair or replace materials.

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Signs of Hail Damage

Look for the following warning signs of hail damage:

  1. Divots, or dark spots on shingles
  2. Cracked or dented siding
  3. Broken windows
  4. Dents in metal gutters or chimneys

Complimentary Hail Damage


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A person is holding a hail ball in their hand as a result of severe weather.