Searching for new siding can be quite the adventure. Updating your home’s exterior color could also add that much needed curb appeal you’re looking for — and hopefully increase your home’s value. We’re here to help with a beautiful collection of house siding color trends.

Home Exterior Color Trends for 2022

To make sure you’re on the right path in picking exterior siding color combinations, we put together our list of top exterior color trends for 2022. It’s time to find out if the popular white exteriors or moody dark exteriors are still the hottest colors to hit the side of houses this year.

*Drum roll, please!*

Here are our top exterior home colors for 2022:

Wonderful White

Was there ever really a question if white exterior siding would be back? There’s a reason the look that took over homes for the last two years is still a major player in today’s exterior design trends. Its clean, modern appeal adds an inviting sophistication to many home types. It also allows you to experiment with dark accent colors in areas like trim and shutters.

Popular James Hardie white colors for 2022:

James Hardie ‘Arctic White’

A white house with a large garage and a lake in the background offers a serene and picturesque setting for those looking to get a free roofing inspection in Minnesota.
White Hardie siding on exteriors by highmark home
white Hardie siding exteriors by highmark home
Exteriors by Highmark Hardie white two story home with big front porch and double pillars around.

Soft Neutrals

If the stark white isn’t your thing, you might prefer a softer neutral exterior siding color. By toning down the white color, you still create a lush look you’ll love. Remember, pending the amount of sun that hits your home, even softer whites can take on different shades at different times of the day.

Our favorite James Hardie soft neutral colors for 2022:

James Hardie ‘Cobblestone’
James Hardie ‘Navajo’
James Hardie ‘Sandstone Beige’

Sandstone beige Hardie siding two story home with wood front door and two stone based columns.
Sandstone beige Hardie siding Exteriors by Highmark home

Earth Tones

Leave it to Earth tone siding colors to keep your home grounded in beauty. Complete opposite of the white siding and paint craze, Earth tones offer a cozy richness of their own. Earth tones tend to introduce a rich brown color to the mix, but can be any colors that are inspired by Mother Nature — including greens, blues, and reds. Since Mother Nature has been doing her thing for longer than we’ve been here, these exterior colors tend to stay in trend equally as long.

You might want to look toward Earth tone colors if you want your home to blend into your landscape, or let the scenery around your home be the star.

Top James Hardie Earth tone colors for 2022:

James Hardie ‘Timber Bark’
James Hardie ‘Stormy Gray’
James Hardie ‘Summer Sage’
James Hardie ‘Mountain Sage’
James Hardie ‘Woodstock Brown’
James Hardie ‘Monterey Taupe’

Bold Blues

If you’re going to create a mood, do it with confidence. Deep, rich blues will help give you that bold look you’re going for. Blues come in many shades and can be combined with a variety of other colors. Think dark or deep blue-grays, charcoal, and even a moody blue-black.

Our favorite James Hardie moody paint colors for 2022:

James Hardie ‘Boothbay Blue’
James Hardie ‘Evening Blue’

evening blue hardie siding exteriors by highmark home
Boothbay blue hardie siding exteriors by highmark home

Classic Grays

Chances are, if you’ve ever driven the neighborhood and saw a home done up in these timeless colors, you immediately take notice. And probably get a little envious. With the right accent colors, you can create a home that stands out among them all.

Classic James Hardie grey paint colors for 2022:

James Hardie ‘Gray Slate’
James Hardie ‘Iron Gray’

Grey rambler style home with shake siding and leaves on the ground surrounding the home
grey hardie siding color trends

Now that you have our top picks for Home Exterior Color Trends in 2022, which way are you going to go? Whatever you do, Exteriors by Highmark is sure to help you every step of the way. Our designers will help you pick the perfect exterior siding color — while our talented crew can help make it all a quick reality for you.