Fall is coming and you know what that means – winter is near. Colder temperatures usually lead to higher energy bills. Your windows play an important role when it comes to your home’s insulation. Old, warped, or cracked windows let your home’s heat escape. You wouldn’t keep an old, broken furnace would you?

Before you can fix or replace your windows, you need to know where the problem originates. Replacing bad or old windows can save you a lot of money in the long run versus just repairing them. Take a minute or two to see if your windows show any of these warning signs.

1. You can feel a draft.

Window draft is one of the most obvious indicators that you need a new window.  Drafts usually occur when there is a problem with your windows weatherstripping or seal. Check your windows corners and frame for deterioration or warping.

2. You have a high energy bill.

Don’t remember your bills being so high? Energy-efficient windows can help reduce the cost of your energy bill. It is more cost-effective to completely replace your old windows than to just repair them.

3. Your windows are hard to open or shut.

If you have this problem, you should consider replacing your windows. Dust, dirt, and debris have built up over time causing faulty hinges and friction making it harder to open and close your windows each time. Vinyl single and double hung windows tend to have this issue the most.

4. Moisture is inside your window.

High levels or moisture can cause fog or condensation inside your window and is a sign that it is no longer insulated. Most likely, the moisture has seeped under the seal and is letting air in. If you see condensation or white residue between the glass, then your window seal is no longer working.

5. The sun has discolored your furniture.

The sun that comes in from your windows doesn’t have to damage your furniture. Your old window could be letting in harmful UV rays. There are UV-resistant windows that can protect your furniture’s value and color.

6. You have pests.

Spiders, bees, ants, and small bugs can make their way through any small opening. A little hole or crack near a window is a perfect entry point for pests. Covering and patching these areas is only a temporary fix.

7. Your house is noisy.

Does it seem like you can hear every little noise outside? Do you windows make noise? If you are experiencing any sound problems at all, replace your current windows.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If your windows have any of these issues, we suggest replacing them right away. For more information about replacing windows or in need of a free window inspection, contact us at 952-641-6086.