The Commercial Side

The commerical side of Exteriors by Highmark is busy with multiple commercial installation projects underway. Recent commercial roofing and siding projects include: Shakopee Flats This multifamily building including retail space…
Renae Murphy
August 21, 2022
Case Studies

From Drab to Dramatic

New windows and siding give this 1940s home striking presence Graphic designer Karen Laukkonen was more than ready to rejuvenate her home’s exterior.The original 1940s cedar shake siding had warped…
Renae Murphy
December 21, 2020

Common Signs of a Bad Roof

Your roof is more than just something over your head. It’s a key part of your home. A problem with your roof can directly affect your ceilings, walls, floors, and pocketbook. It’s…
Renae Murphy
July 15, 2022
Ice Dam

How to Prevent Ice Dams

For any homeowner in snowy, cold weather climate, ice dams are a familiar sight. To avoid damage and costly repairs, there are many prevention methods a homeowner can use to…
Renae Murphy
December 8, 2021

Ultimate Guide

to Siding

Everything you need to know about your home’s siding.

Grey house with grey roof and long cement sidewalk and landscaping in the front yard

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