Whether your home recently suffered storm damage, or you’re just looking to add more curb appeal, there’s an easy solution: update your roofing and siding.

With roofing and siding being some of the biggest investments in your home, you’ll want to make sure you select the appropriate materials. Here are a few factors to consider when making your choice:

Consider the Climate

Where you live is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting roofing and siding material. Different materials are better suited for different climates. Areas that face high winds or heavy snowfall, like in Minnesota, could benefit from a more durable roofing material made to withstand the elements.

new renovated roof covered with shingles flat polymeric roof-tiles

Find Your Style

Picking roofing or siding that doesn’t match your home’s style could throw off its whole look. Review what would look best on your home. A Victorian-style home, for example, may look best with a slate roof, while a metal roof could make a more modern home stand out.

Play Nice with the Neighbors

We all want our homes to look nice, but it should never stand out for the wrong reasons. Be a good neighbor and see what roofing and siding materials are used in your neighborhood. Choose something that complements the overall aesthetic of the block.

A brown and tan house with a garage in Minnesota.

Choose the Right Colors

Pick a color, any color. Remember to go with complimentary colors to create a thoughtful look for your home. Dark colors might be too bold for a big home. Lighter colors might not be enough for a small home to stand out. And clashing colors are never cool.

Size Matters

Believe it or not, the size of your home is another important factor to consider when selecting the right roofing and siding material. Beyond selecting the right colors for your size home, materials matter. A larger home may require a more durable material, while a smaller home could get away with spending less on siding.

Get a free roofing inspection in Minnesota for a house with two garages and a driveway.

Understand Your Landscaping

Look around your home. What’s planted in the ground or towering above your home? If your home is situated on a beautiful natural lot, more subdued colors might be more appropriate. Have wonderful, colorful flowers out front? Maybe your home should offer a more simple backdrop. If branches constantly fall on your roof, your home could benefit from a more durable roofing material.

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