Fall is here and the leaves are starting to fall. Many people love fall’s beautiful landscape. What people don’t usually like about fall is cleaning up the leaves! While you may be focused on raking up the leaves on your lawn, your gutters have collected some leaves too.

Don’t forget about your gutters! It may not be as fun of a task, or something you can do with the kids, but it needs to be done.

Why do I need to clean my gutters?

Gutters keep your home’s foundation safe by directing water elsewhere. Leaving debris in your gutters can result in big problems, like a ruined foundation.

Try to clean your gutters out towards the end of fall. You don’t want leaves left in there to clog things up. You should consider a specialist if your home is more one than one story.

How do I clean out my gutters?

If you choose to get out the ladder, here are the steps to cleaning and caring for your gutters this fall:

Get on a ladder and clean out the debris in the gutters. Make sure you have a safe and stable place to put your ladder. Remember never to lean out from the ladder. You should always wear work gloves in case of any sharp areas or debris.  Pay close attention to the downspouts so they don’t get clogged. If you are afraid of heights, or your landscape is tricky, you can hire a professional.

While you are up on the ladder, make sure your gutters are secure.  There should be spikes that connect your gutters to the rafters of the house. These spikes can get loose and lose their connection to the home. It is best to replace any loose spikes you see. You don’t want your gutters to come crashing down during the winter.

Check for any holes. A leaking gutter is no good. If you find any holes, you can use caulk to seal them. Keep in mind caulk is only a temporary fix. You should look into getting new gutters.

Check the rivets. You will find rivets by the down spouts. Some may have fallen out or gotten loose. You will need a rivet gun to repair this. They should be about $20 at your local hardware store.

Wash them out with a hose or a pressure washer.  A deep clean will help your gutter look and perform better. Washing out your gutters will also show you how well your gutters are working. Make sure to hit the gutter at a smaller angle to avoid hurting you or your roof.

Check your splash block. A splash block is what you put at the bottom of your downspouts to protect the area from the rush of water. Make sure this block is working properly.

If you see any rust, get new gutters. Rust means your gutters need to go. The gutter will only get worse.

What if my gutters seem old or dysfunctional?

If your gutters are having any problems, you should consider replacing them. New gutters are customized for your house, with oversized downspouts, and gutter covers. They are a wise investment for your home. We hope you enjoy the fall and everything that comes with it.

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