The snow is finally melting and you can start to see your home’s exterior again. This means it’s time for a little exterior maintenance!

Spring melting can reveal a variety of problems with your exterior and/or yard. To help, we created a list of spring projects to tackle and what you might encounter along the way.

Walkways and Front Door

Project: Address any cracked concrete & inspect your doorway and front door.

Problem: First, check your sidewalk and walkway concrete for any split or cracked concrete. You will want to patch any cracks you see for the safety of anyone that uses your sidewalk or walkway. Second, give your front door a good cleaning and check for any squeaking or rattling.  Squeaking and rattling could mean your front door is misaligned and not properly insulating your home.  If you need to replace your front door, don’t worry, front entry doors have a fabulous return on investment!


Project: Confirm all your outdoor lights and bulbs are working.

Problem: Turn on all your exterior lights and yard lights on to ensure they are all working properly. Check to see if any burnt out lights are broken or just need a replacement bulb. Replace any non-working lights with LED energy efficient bulbs to conserve your energy bill.



Project: Walk around your house and inspect your siding.

Problem: If you notice your siding rattles, sags, or has dents, you should replace that section as soon as possible.  Homes with wood siding can often get mushy, so if your cabin or home has any wood siding, keep that in mind. Are you noticing siding issues throughout your entire exterior? If that is the case, it is probably time for new siding.



Project: Clean the outside of your windows and check for damage.

Problem: Clean the outside of your windows and clear all dirt and debris.  Any sign of moisture, warping, rattling, or drafts means they should be replaced. You can find very cost effective windows that are energy efficient and will reduce your energy bills.




Project: Inspect your roof from the ground.

Problem: Take a look at your roof from different angles of your house. If you see damaged or missing shingles, you will want to replace them. Call our experts for a free full roof inspection.




Project: If you have a chimney, see how the exterior of it looks.

Problem: Blockages, creosote build up, and cracks in the flue of your chimney all impose a threat to your home. Have your chimney cleaned out by a professional annually to avoid costly repairs.


Project: Clean your air conditioner.

Problem: Take a moment to wipe down your air conditioner. Refrigerant leaks, corrosion, and electrical issues are a few problems you may face if you don’t properly maintain your air conditioner.



Project: Check your outdoor faucets and sprinkler system for any damage.

Problem: Make sure all of your outdoor faucets do not have any visual damage. You will also want to check for any signs of leaking or blockage by turning on your outdoor faucet/s. Once you have confirmed your outdoor faucets are working properly, give your sprinkler system a check too!



Project: Examine your gutters and clear the debris.

Problem: Clear and clean your gutters of all dirt and debris.  This is very important for keeping the water flow away from your home’s foundation. If you find your gutters are loose, rusty, or have holes in them, you will want to repair them. More than one of these issues is a good sign that its time to replace your gutters.



Project: Walk around your front yard and backyard.

Problem: Take a walk around your front yard and backyard. If areas of your yard have flooding, you may need to install a drainage system. Reseed any areas that are missing or lacking grass. Look at your trees in case any pruning is needed or large branches need to be removed.



Create a budget and plan for any repairs or improvements you want to make to your home’s exterior. Start with the most urgent issues first and work your way down the list. Looking for assistance with any of the above repairs? Contact us by calling 952-641-6086 or complete our online form for a free inspection.

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