The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the trees are budding. What a perfect time to give your home’s exterior a little tender loving care.

The exterior of your home has a big job to do. It is the number one protector for you and your family when it comes to environmental elements and harsh weather conditions. Keeping your exterior well-maintained and clean can not only keep your home’s outside appearance in tip-top shape, but will prevent costly repairs in the future.


Gutters are often overlooked when it comes to keeping up with home maintenance. Make sure that any debris gets cleared away from both the actual gutter and all the downspouts. Keep in mind that downspouts should face away from your home. For clogged downspouts, you can use a plumber’s snake to break through and if you any notice leaks, you can use caulking to seal them up.


Spring is the perfect time to check your roof for any damage and signs of leaking or cracking. Grab a ladder and make sure it is stable against your roof before you attempt to climb. If you see any moss, you will want to safely clean it. Moss will cause asphalt shingles to lift and curl. Avoid pressure washers, as those can also damage your shingles.


The winter and spring can often brings pollen and dirt to really build up on your windows. Take the time to give them a good cleaning inside and out. You will also want to check your screens for any tares or holes, inspect the framework for any leaks or gaps, and make sure all window locks work properly.


This one’s pretty simple.  Use a pressure washer to remove any grime and build up from your siding. Always start at the top of your home and work your way down with the pressure washer. This will ensure that dirt and water runs down the siding and does not create additional work when cleaning.

It is also a good idea to check for any damaged siding. A couple good indicators of exterior siding damage are high heating and cooling bills, mold or fungus growth on your interior walls, and cracked or warped siding. Check out 7 Signs You Need to Replace your Home’s  Siding for further warning signs of siding damage.

Patio / Deck

Your patio or deck is another candidate for a good pressure washing. Pressure washers just use water to blast away dirt and grime. (So no need for any harsh chemicals!) For tougher dirt and grime, use an outdoor scrubbing brush before you use the pressure washer.

The Yard

From weeding garden beds to mulching, your yard is in just as much need as your home’s exterior. First you will want to survey your yard and make note of the work that need to be done. Next, check out your outdoor yard and gardening tools to make sure they’re all in working order.  Finally, it’s time to use those tools and prune your trees, rake your leaves, move your grass, and get the garden prepped for planting.

Other Projects

There are plenty of other small outdoor projects that may need your attention this Spring. Some examples include fence maintenance, birdhouses or bird-feeders, and other small structures (sheds, playgrounds, planters). Inspect them, clean them, and make any necessary repairs. Keep in mind that these are  some of the easiest projects to help make your home’s exterior sparkle!

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