Leave it to a Minnesota thunderstorm to wreak havoc on your home’s roof and exterior. Hail, wind, and storm damage are no joke.

It’s easy to get angry if your home suffers storm damage — but that does no good. The important thing is to prevent further damage and ensure your home is repaired quickly.




What to do after storm or hail damage:


Act Fast

The damage has already been done — don’t let it get worse. If your home and roof are damaged during a storm, contact a professional contractor or roofing expert to assess the situation quickly. Some contractors and insurance adjusters get extremely busy after a big storm, so you’ll want to get on their schedule before all your neighbors.

Avoid the Storm Chasers

You know them. Right after a storm they’re the first ones to knock on your door promising to repair your roof quickly — looking a little less than reputable. Do your due diligence and review their company online before you sign any papers.

Take Photos 

Before you make any repairs, take pictures of the damage to your home and roof. These pictures will be important proof when you file an insurance claim. A reputable exteriors company will also take photos.

File an Insurance Claim

To get compensated for the damage, you need to file an insurance claim. Check your insurance policy to see what’s covered and what your deductible is. Then, contact your insurance company to file the claim. They will likely ask for the pictures you took earlier, as well as any other documentation you have of the damage. To learn more about how to file a claim, read this.

Close up of shingled roof with chalk circling hail damage hits.

Get Inspected

Getting a professional inspection is the greatest way to assess storm or hail damage to your home and roof. They can identify any hidden damage you might have overlooked, and be quick to provide a detailed quote for any necessary repairs needed.

roof of house without shingles and a tarp covering most of it.

Cover Damaged Areas

If you have to wait for repairs, cover any damaged areas to prevent further damage. A little blue tarp can go a long way to protecting your home.

Call in the Pros

A reputable contractor should make the whole process less stressful. Select one who will not just repair your home and roof, but will work with your insurance provider to file all important insurance claim paperwork — and make sure they pay for necessary repairs.

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