Ice dams are no fun for homeowners to deal with, and one thing is certain: ice + roof + you = not a good mix and could lead to further structural damage or even physical harm.

Here are a few reasons we recommend against removing ice dams yourself and common mistakes to avoid if you do decide to take on the removal:

You could hurt yourself or others.

Do not attempt to knock icicles off from the ground. The sharp edges could cause injury to you or other around you, plus the icicles are only a byproduct of the problem, the ice dam. Using a ladder around ice can also be dangerous, as there is always the chance of slipping and falling.

You could hurt your roof, shingles, and other parts of your exterior.

If you’re hacking away at the ice with a shovel, axe, hammer or chisel, you could puncture your roof by exerting too much force and will likely damage your shingles, breaking your roof’s protective barrier. You will want to stray away from using elements that are known to make snow melt. All ice melters, such as salt, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are highly corrosive to roofs, gutters, and downspouts.

You should let the professionals assume all the risk.

Professional ice dam removal is definitely the way to go. Do not settle for quick hacks or solutions that are less efficient and costly. Not only does our team assume all the risks, but our team is certified, trained, have the experience, and proper equipment to get it done right.

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