Looking for a quick and efficient way to resolve your ice dam problems? Steam removal is the #1 solution for safe ice dam removal, outperforming any other method.

What is ice dam steaming?

Ice dam steaming is the process of converting cold water into low pressure steam with the use of high temperatures, then directing that steam through a specialized nozzle to melt ice dams. Professional steam removal is the safest and most effective method for any homeowner. This is also the preferred technique by many roofing companies, as it does not damage your roof or shingles.

Why steam removal is our preferred method during Minnesota winter’s:

It doesn’t damage your roof

While hot water pressure may be an appropriate method for melting ice from sidewalks and driveways, we do not recommend using pressure water machines for removal of ice dams on your roof. Other methods, such as the use of hammers, ice picks, or chemicals to melt ice can also be risky.  These other methods can be dangerous and cause damage to your roofing system and shingles.  Steam removal has none of these effects on your roof or shingles which is why it is our selected method.

It’s the safest way

Climbing on your roof during the winter and attempting to hack away at ice can be very dangerous. Many people use hot water pressure washers without knowing that the high, intense pressure actually loosens granules in your shingles and tears them. Steam removal is gentle yet powerful and does not cause any harm to your roof like these other methods. Our trusted professionals are trained, experienced, and equipped to handle the proper equipment for tackling ice dams right and safely.

It’s faster

Ice dam steaming speed is important to homeowners when inquiring about the cost of ice dam steam removal. We do our best to provide the most accurate hourly estimates of the speed and time it will take to get your ice dams removed. It all depends on the thickness and depth of the ice dams that need to be removed and there is just no good way to determine the amount of icee that lies buried beneath the snow. Removing the snow prior to steam removal can help lower the costs.

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