Siding does more for your house than curb appeal, it protects your home from the elements. Vinyl siding has had a bad reputation in the past, but its quality has improved throughout the years. Today’s vinyl siding is fade resistant, insect proof, and extremely durable.

If your home has older vinyl siding (with the bad reputation), you might notice some problems. Keep your eye out for any of these vinyl siding issues. You may need to update your siding.

Warping and Buckling

Buckling and warping occurs when siding is not properly installed. Vinyl siding expands and contracts depending on temperature. Siding needs to be fastened in a way to allow movement. You can test this by trying to move your siding. It should move about ½ inch either way. If your vinyl siding doesn’t do this, it is too tight and needs to be reinstalled.

Damaged and warped vinyl siding.


Since vinyl expands and contracts, it isn’t sealed to keep out water. A waterproof barrier is installed before the vinyl siding to keep out moisture. If moisture somehow manages to get through this barrier your home is in trouble. Moisture that manages to get underneath your siding can cause rotting, mildew, mold, or leaks.

Man on a ladder installing Hardie plank siding.


The sunlight will cause your vinyl siding to fade. Some areas of siding might get more sunlight than others. This can lead to discoloration in some places and normal color in others. The end result may make your house look a little funky. Fading is more of a cosmetic issue, but if you ignore it for too long, it can cause your siding to crack.


Objects can hit and damage siding. Cracked siding needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. You can repair the siding with a zip tool (about $5) and some extra siding.


Siding shouldn’t make noise. Improperly installed vinyl siding will make noise when it’s windy or the temperature changes. If your siding is too tight, you will hear cracking or popping sounds. If your siding was installed too loose, you will hear a rattling noise.


Vinyl siding can be dented by hail, rocks, and sports balls. This is purely a cosmetic issue. Dents and chips can make your home look old and worn down. If your siding has collected years of damage, and your home looks unsightly, it may be time to replace your siding.

Side of tan home with missing and damaged vinyl siding from a storm.

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