Wondering what in the world lap siding is? It is actually an extremely popular siding option.

What is lap siding?

Lap siding is a flat siding composed of long boards that overlap each other, hence “lap” siding. This design is often called clapboard, even though lap siding has larger boards than clapboard siding.

You’ve probably seen this style of siding on a lot of new homes and remodeled exteriors due to it’s clean and charming appearance. Lap siding does a fantastic job highlighting stucco, stone, and brick on a home.

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Lap siding options

Lap siding was commonly wood siding, but nowadays there are more lap siding styles available including fiber cement, engineered wood, and vinyl siding. Lap siding can be easy to repair because you only need to remove the damaged plank (unless moisture has crept in and the siding is compromised). LP® Smartside® and Hardie Board® are popular lap siding providers. LP® lap siding offers engineered wood and James Hardie® offers fiber cement siding options.

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Here is an idea of how lap siding works within an exterior design:

Lap Siding Installation

When lap siding is installed the smaller top part of the board is wedged under the piece above it. The wedging causes pieces to overlap and form a protective barrier around your house while creating a tidy appearance.

Illustration of installing lap siding for both 6 inch and narrower siding and also 8 inch and wider siding.

Benefits of lap siding

Lap siding is a wonderful design choice for anyone looking to boost their curb appeal. It is:

  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Resists rotting
  • Sustainable
  • Covered by a 20-50 year warranty (depends on the product)
Tan single story home with nice stone patio and outdoor dining furniture.

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