If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your home’s equity, making home improvements can have a big impact. When you replace your siding or re-shingle your roof, you up your home’s curb appeal, increase its value, and showcase your personal style. If you’re looking to sell, keep your home safe against the elements, or just want to turn heads on your block, exterior home improvements are the way to go.

Consider the following when looking to make impactful home improvements:


You can never go wrong with new siding, as it has a fabulous return on investment. New siding is also an opportunity to change the style of your home. When it comes to siding, you have endless material, color, and style options. Composite, fiber cement, vinyl, and steel are some of the most common types of siding, but always make sure to research the pros and cons of each.

Vinyl siding with imitation wood texture in bright palette of colors.


One way to make your home pop while saving on your energy bill is investing in new windows. Old windows that aren’t well insulated could be driving up cooling and heating costs, and if they look weathered, it could be making your whole home look dated and run-down. 

New energy efficient windows help your home maintain temperature and provide great natural lighting to any room in your house while blocking harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture and interior. New windows can also give your home’s exterior a curb appeal boost. 

A stylish window adorned with a beautiful planter, offering home styling ideas.


A damaged or old roof can threaten your home’s integrity. If your roof’s shingles are dirty, curling, or in poor conditions, not only does it put your home’s interior at risk for future damage, but it’s also an eyesore. While it can be a large investment, replacing a roof is an impactful way to increase your home’s value, not to mention, a great selling point if you are looking to put your home on the market. If you aren’t planning on selling your home, a new roof still provides peace of mind that your home is better protected and has a long-lasting shield of defense.

A roof with a sleek black shingled roof, instantly boosting your home's curb appeal and value.

Front Door

Since the front door of your home is a high traffic area, consider this one of the first home improvements you make. Replacing your front door helps secure and insulate your home as well as packing a punch when it comes to improving curb appeal. Choose a color or style that matches the rest of your home and shows of your personal style!

Enhance your home's curb appeal and value with a welcoming front porch featuring a table and chairs.


Imagine this – you pull up to your friend’s house and they haven’t done any landscaping. Their yard is in disrepair, there are no trees or bushes, and the one potted flower they have by the front door has shriveled up. Immediately your mind starts racing and thinking about all of the updates they could make.

One way to make sure your neighbors aren’t thinking the same things about you is by investing in quality landscaping. Having a healthy and appealing yard not only looks good but will help prevent damages to the exterior of your home. Research native grass, plants, and flowers in your area or even plant new trees to add more character to your home.

Enhance your home's curb appeal and value with a stylish white front porch and gray siding.

The Final Result

While it might not be in the cards to do a full home exterior remodel, you can do things piece by piece over time to create the look you want. In the long run, you’ll be happier with your home and when it comes time to sell you’ll see a return on your investment. 

Many cities across the Twin Cities are offering reimbursements or grants for homeowners looking to improve the exterior look of their home.

Contact your city to find out if your project is eligible!

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