For any homeowner in snowy, cold weather climate, ice dams are a familiar sight. To avoid damage and costly repairs, there are many prevention methods a homeowner can use to battle ice dam formation.

Ice dam prevention can be done through a combination of different action and methods.

  • Remove the lower 3 to 4 feet of snow immediately from your roof after each new snowfall with a roof rake. This will help reduce ice buildup.
  • Properly insulate the attic area with quality insulation. Stopping the heat transfer that triggers the freeze and thaw cycle will help immensely. An extra layer of insulation will help prevent heat transfer and retain the heat in your home, in turn, making your heating bills less.
  • Adequate attic ventilation through attic vents and exhaust vents will keep your attic cool with constant fresh air flow to keep from overheating.
  • Seal all interior air leaks in your attic. Make sure the warm air from your living space is not flowing through gaps and vents into the attic. Try using an expanding foam to make certain no airflow is getting through.
  • Make sure you clean your gutters and clear them of any debris before winter arrives. This will guide any melting ice or water to freely flow down and away from your home.

If you see large icicles (usually more than the diameter of an aluminum can) hanging from your roof, you’re probably dealing with ice dams. We highly recommend that you don’t try to remove these yourself, but rather contact a roofing professional who has the experience, certifications, and equipment to perform the job right!

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