Ice dams are common for homeowners during Minnesota winters. They need to be taken care of before they cause damage to you or your home.

Why should you get ice dams removed? We have a few reasons:


Ice dams form on eaves and create a “dam” like structure that prevents melting snow and water from properly draining. This creates a buildup of water that doesn’t have anywhere to go. The excess of water can leak into the interior of your home and potentially damage insulation, ceilings, walls, or floors.

Taking care of ice dams right away is the best bet because although you have just noticed it, the water has most likely been inside your home for a while.

Exterior Damage

Ice dams are heavy and can destroy your gutter system, roof, soffits, and fascia. Generally, ice dams form from large icicles and the excess weight will bend your gutters or other exterior elements.

The Melt

When the melting process happens, your walkways can turn into a slippery mess or the large icicles can fall off and hurt someone below.

The bottom line? Ice dams can damage your home inside and out. A professional can safely remove them without damaging your home or you putting you at risk on a slippery roof.

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